SynSyn #34 [Devora / Seneca / Victoria / Preston]

Videos SS#34: 5/30/18

HOST: Anna Hurst


Victoria Norman on Pedaling Against Global WarmingFresh off the Climate Ride, Victoria will have just bicycled from the Redwoods to San Francisco to raise funds to fight climate change. She’ll tell us about her adventure, if she’d do it again, and if she has any regrets (hopefully not!). [Note: it’s not too late to support Victoria’s ride!]

Seneca Spurling on Making Your Workplace Inclusive for Trans People – In a talk they gaveat the recent Lesbians Who Tech conference, Seneca will share practical tips that can be employed in most workplaces.

Preston Thomas on drinking To Your Health! Whether it’s salud, santé, or na zdravie, revelers the world around raise their glasses to good health. But some of our favorite drinks do one better and tend to the body as well as the spirit(s). From microbes to mainbraces, we will toast to the science and history of medicinal boozing. Preston was sent our way by our friends at Nerd Nite!

Devora Zauderer on Demystifying Dungeons & DragonsD&D is an exploration of collective and guided storytelling. Devora the DM will fill us in on D&D’s invention, its expansion into what we have now, and where to find more if you’re interested.


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