Want to present?

We have three styles of regular events: TRADITIONAL SYNSYNDINNER SALON,  and COLLABORATIVE. Think TED Talks…in miniature: short presentations in the comfort of someone’s home. The content is completely up to you.

If you want to present, please submit an Intent-to-Present form.


Strictly formatted, fast-paced, and packed with ideas, passion, and knowledge.

  • Based on the Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide, auto-advancing
  • At the conclusion of your presentation, you’ll have ~10 minutes for Q&A / discussion.
  • Here are some guidelines, examples and tips for creating your own presentation.


Like conversation at a dinner party…and now add in ~5-7 minutes of YOU talking and everyone else listening. Really, just you.

  • No slides / visuals.
  • After your short presentation, you’ll have ~10-15 minutes for a discussion, Q&A session, or other facilitated follow-up for your talk.

For this event, both speaker and audience will be seated around a table together.


Similar to the Traditional SynSyn-style presentation, but this one is double the people and double the time: you get ~10 minutes to present, and you will present with a partner.

If you have a story, a project, a challenge, an idea, or anything that you want to present, please fill out the form below. Please specify if you would prefer to present at a Dinner Salon, a Traditional SynSyn, or a Collaborative event. Additionally, if you have a month that you prefer to or not to present, or a night of the week that will never work for you, please note that in your submission. Otherwise, all form submissions will go into a general pool and a host will contact you.