Want to host?

Want to create a theme? Want to collaborate? Want to work alone? How do you want to shape this event?

Hosting a Synapse Synopsis event takes some time and energy to make happen, but if you’re up to the challenge, it is lots of fun and SO worth it. Here are a few traits we’ve found make for ideal hosts:

  1. You are curious, open to new people and ideas. You want to be a leader in an inspiring community.  You may even have people that you want to bring into the SynSyn group as presenters and as hosts.
  2. You’re organized and have the time. Current hosts estimate they spend about 4-6 hours in the month preceding the event doing things to prepare: finding speakers, sending out invitations, corresponding with speakers and attendees, etc, and an additional hour or so after the event wrapping things up. Responsive hosts and attendees make for easier organization!
  3. You have access to space. This is a large community. Events fill to capacity. Do you have a place where you can put 20+ people? You can get creative with this! Past events have had people seated, standing, and lying on pillows. They’ve been in backyards and in living rooms. If you are short on space, why not innovate and organize something in a public space?
  4. You have access to equipment. Presenters will be showing their 5-minute slideshow, usually via Google Drive. Do you have a screen [projector, TV, monitor…] to showcase their hard work? Do you have lights you can add so the speaker can be seen?
    • NOTE: If you don’t have a screen / system for people to present a slideshow, have you considered hosting a SynSyn Dinner Salon?


Synapse Synopses recur monthly. As the host, you determine the date and time. Here are some ideas, guidelines and tips for hosting the Ignite-style event.

Each event consists of:

  • Presentations [using digital slides if Ignite style, or no slides if dinner salon style]
  • Facilitated discussion / Q&A
  • Food [potluck, provided by host, etc]