Who Are We?

Synapse Synopsis is an ever-growing community of inspiring, thoughtful, passionate humans. We are teachers, students, designers, therapists, programmers, directors, developers, carpenters, visionaries, naturalists, community organizers, biologists, writers, physicists, astronomers, singers, dancers, artists, body workers, technicians, parents, managers, analysts, strategists, and doctors. We share a love of learning and storytelling, of creating and sharing.

All attendees at SynSyn events are active participants — people who are interested in presenting and/or hosting.


Behind the scenes, there are some individuals figuring out the nuts and bolts, maintaining the website and Facebook group and Google Drive files, onboarding new hosts and presenters, reflecting on current practices, tweaking organizational strategies…

Life-long educator, learner, designer, mover and shaker, Renata is driven by connecting people and creating empowering experiences emphasizing social and
Jamie’s passion is utilizing modern technology to make the world a better place to live. He believes that one key
As a serial organizer, Victoria got involved in Synapse Synopsis to lend a helping hand. Passionate about the environment and
Preston loves helping people find their voice and turning first-time presenters into confident public speakers. He is an ardent believer