SynSyn #33 [Michael / Chris / Carol]

Videos SS#33: 3/28/18

HOST: Turner Kirk & Joel Pomerantz


Michael Ho: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Chris Phoenix: Energy: Why We’re Not “Green” Yet

Carol Chen: Junk in the Trunk: Everything you wanted to know about rabbit poop (plus some things you maybe didn’t)


Starting things off with a bang (or possibly a tap-out) Michael Ho will be talking about, and demonstrating, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. What is that you ask? It is a grappling martial art that has exploded in popularity in the last 25 years and it’s not just for meathead bros! BJJ is a physically demanding, but deeply analytical sport that appeals to jocks and nerds alike. Michael is a purple belt and has been training BJJ (with many extended breaks) since 2009 and his lovely assistant and wife Jenn is a white belt who has been training for four months.

Then, as we are all thinking about conserving energy production in order to make it to the final round of a BJJ match, veteran SynSyn presenter Chris Phoenix will speak on “Energy: Why We’re Not ‘Green’ Yet.” As you may know, most of our energy STILL comes from fossil fuels. Chris will explore how things might change toward sustainability, and why that is difficult.

To round out the evening with a little cuteness, Carol Chen will bring up the rear and talk about some junk in the trunk! Everything you wanted to know (and plenty of things you didn’t) about bunny poop! Get ready for an odorless journey through the magical little world of these Hind Gut Fermenters. Some samples may be provided…

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