SynSyn #35 [Krystal / Shea / Trip]

Videos SS#35: 6/27/18

HOST: Victoria Norman & Esteban Kuber


Krystal Thomas-White on Urine is not sterile: Taking advantage of a golden opportunity – The bacteria that live in an on you comprise the human microbiome. These bugs live in our gut, on our skin, and yes, in your bladder. Even though doctors will tell you, “of course urine is sterile”, the latest research shows us that (just like every other body site) its alive with microorganisms. I will tell you the story of this discovery, and what that means for your health.

Shea Putnam on Filling in Holes: Fistula surgery in Southern Uganda – Vaginal fistulas are a common and debilitating pathology throughout eastern Africa. Surgery is the only option for treatment, and can often return quality of life to pre-fistula levels. In this talk I will discuss the causes of fistulas, challenges to treatment, and how our strong partnerships with local physicians and facilities have created sustainable access to the medical care that these women desperately need.

Trip Brauer on Advice for having difficult conversations – I will present a simple and widely used recipe for initiating or participating in a difficult conversation with anyone who you care about.  I’ll cover it step-by-step and explain why it works with examplesalong the way.


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