SynSyn-in-Place #65 [Sarah / Rob / Oshyan]

Recordings from SynSyn #65 4/29/2021

Hosted by Renata Martin

Sarah Cadwallender with Sit Down, Nixon
A look at how the musical 1776, despite being anti-war, anti-slavery and anti-conservative, managed to appeal to all parts of American society at the time. 

Rob Wasielewski with Bacon and White Privilege in America
One hundred years before the Declaration of Independence, another smaller rebellion took place in Jamestown, Virginia. Although relatively short, featuring far less bloodshed, and ending in failure, the impact of Bacon’s Rebellion–codifying the concept of race into law–is still felt today.

Oshyan Greene with How Voting Systems Might Be Promoting Extremism and What to Do About It 
Have you ever been frustrated by having to vote for the “lesser of two evils”? Of course you have! But have you ever thought about what this binary choice is actually doing to the psychology of the average voter? There must be a better way, and…naturally, there is! Tune in for 5 minutes and you just might learn how to save democracy.

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