SynSyn-in-Place #64 [Nadee / James / Cameo / Sarah / Sonia]

Recordings from SynSyn 64: 4/1/21

Hosted by Preston Thomas

Five brave SynSyn veterans each gave a 5-minute unrehearsed, totally original presentation using slides they’d never seen before, on a topic chosen live by the audience. If you’ve heard of Speechless, this was that: Improv comedy taking the piss out of every bad Zoom call, stilted slide show, and interminable meeting you’ve ever wanted to drink through. Combination trainwreck, hilarity, and catharsis.

Nadee Gunasen(San Francisco)
Product Launch of the Decade: Soup Bombs
“As surprising as a Pomeranian in a public bathroom!”

James Garay Heelan (Washington DC)
Sermon About a New Kind of Sin: Clipping Toenails on the Metro
“God told us in Montana Big Sky, no, no, no! It is toenail clippings on the train. It is that, that, not Coronavirus or this unholy union, which will destroy mankind.”

Cameo Lance (Washington DC)
Angel Investor Pitch: Uber for Butts
“That’s how your molecules get put back together after you rain dance.”

Sarah Schecter (Oakland)
Late-Night Infomercial: Ear Socks
“You know what’s wrong? Your ears. Your ears are just naked, alone. You’re not paying attention to them.”

Sonia Wierzba (San Francisco)
Scandal Apology Press Conference: Furbiegate
“…but we just didn’t anticipate that the behavior of the penguin would then imprint onto the AI.”

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