SpookySyn #60 [Katie / Ben / Julian]

Recordings #60 10/25/2020

Hosted by Sarah Cadwallender & Arik Sokolowski

Katie Tarter on vampire origins, actual bloodsuckers, and why we’re scared of them.

Ben Miller on Creepy-Crawlies – Scarier than Death? In a 2016 survey, more people expressed a fear of insects and spiders than said they were afraid of violent crime, germs or even death; no wonder that insects and spiders figure prominently at Halloween, when many seek the delicious fun of a good scare. Celebrate the season in this exploration of the wonderful creatures that creep and crawl into our nightmares.

Julian Taylor on The Horror of H. P. Lovecraft: A spooky presentation on the works of author H. P. Lovecraft.

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