SynSyn #44 [Todd / Tiffany / Preston]

Videos SS #44: 4/24/19

Facilitated by Annette Lin & Trip Brauer

Todd Berman with Scribbling to Understand the World
“When I teach any subject, I like to start with a lesson about scribbling. Let me show you how scribbling can be the basis for how to learn and understand any subject, why I want everyone to be an artist sometimes, and how I go about making my own art.”

Tiffany Yao with Think Like Health Insurance
“Understand logistics to protect yourself as a patient.”

Preston Thomas with Secrets of Sea Shanties
“If you know what to listen for, sea shanties are a linguistic time capsule that provide a window into life aboard ship during the Age of Sail. From ‘dead horses’ to the dreaded ‘stuncil bones,’ we’ll explore how maritime history has survived in song down to the present day–or sometimes not. And yes, you will learn what we actually do with a drunken sailor.”

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