SynSyn #38 [Annette / Sara / David]

Videos SS #38: 9/26/18

Facilitated by Preston Thomas

Annette Lin: “The Right Fluff: A Brief History of Animal Space Explorers”

Animals have long been the guinea pigs of human discovery, and the exploration of space is no exception. This talk is a quick journey through some of the animal kingdom’s biggest contributions to the study of space travel. From the smallest (microscopic organisms and insects) to the largest (dogs and primates), these animal heroes have shown that no matter their size, phylum, class, or species, everyone has the potential to contribute to the greatest Earthling endeavor of all: getting to outer space!

Sara Peek: “Predicting Volcanic Eruptions”

Sara came to us fresh from a geological field study in Yellowstone. Over the last hundred years, scientists have become increasingly adept at predicting volcanic eruptions based on changes in background activity. Seismic signals, ground deformation, and gas release are some of the signs volcanologists use to determine whether and how a volcano is about to erupt. Both the run-up and ramp-down of the recent eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii were anticipated by scientists interpreting these types of data, helping planning and emergency response.

David de la Gran: “Mammon and Jesus: Comprehending Our Divinity via Tangible Reality”

The Good News: Money IS everything! As can be deduced from Dr. Jacob Needleman’s book Money and the Meaning of Life, Money has an extra special place in our relationship to ourselves and our surroundings, including our associations with Divinity. David examined briefly how the scriptural Jesus presented this issue to us and how it may make us question even our Tangible Reality.

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