SynSyn-in-Place #61 [Liza / Kim / Kelly]

Race + Death + Sex

Our annual holiday edition: “Uncomfortable Conversations to Have Around the Family Dinner Table

Hosted by Preston Thomas & Renata Martin

“The Ontological Origins of Whiteness and Why We Should Care” with Liza Gleason

Most white people today have very little sense of when, how, or why they became white. There was no such thing as whiteness in antiquity. Yet, most white people today just accept that we are white and always have been. What if we paid more attention to the historical accounting of our whiteness? This talk will argue that we cannot combat racism in our society, on individual and systemic levels, without going on this journey to understand the ontological roots of whiteness.

Closing Down Operations for Doctors Without Borders: How we decide what lives are worth saving” with Kim Comer

<Video Awaiting Permission to Post; Stay Tuned>

Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres operates in many types of horrible places, from terribly inconvenient to life-shatteringly dangerous. They go where civilians need them, no matter the obstacles. But how does MSF decide when to pull out of an area?

Bottoming From the Top: An Exploration of Kink” with Kelly

Picture this. It’s a dark winter night and you’ve made a million dollars in decisions today. You walk up to a dimly lit goth club and pay a small entrance fee. You grab a drink and make your way to the back, sit in a church pew, and watch as people pay a woman in high heels to tie up, torture, and degrade them in front of a cheering crowd. 

What could possibly be the appeal?

In this talk, Kelly explores the relationship between success and submission, kink and corporate culture, and just why being totally restrained is the most freeing thing in the world. 

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