SynSyn-in-Place #57 [Nadee / Brandon / Cameo]

Recordings #57 6/28/2020

Hosted by Preston Thomas

Nadee Gunasena (San Francisco) with “What’s missing from Wikipedia, and why it matters”
Many of us probably check Wikipedia at least once a week, if not daily! But, how much do you really know about who writes the articles you read…and who isn’t writing them? Nadee shares the importance of contributor voice to the history we’re recording, and why it’s important to expand beyond the current pool of contributors. As she says in her talk, “Wikipedia gives us a chance to edit history. When we make it more representative, we make it more accurate. So, please start adding YOUR knowledge to Wikipedia. We need you.”

Brandon Bearbower (San Francisco) with “Being in the Secret Service”
Brandon presented on life in the Secret Service. He covered overarching history, day-to-day operations, and everything in between.

Cameo Lance (Washington, DC) with “Maneuvering the Manifold”
Watch order turn to chaos and back again as Cameo takes us inside the byzantine orbital dynamics needed to plan our most ambitious space missions.

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