SynSyn #51 [Monica / Jenn / Krystal]

Videos SS #51 12/4/19

Uncomfortable Conversations to Have Around the Holiday Dinner Table

Hosted by Preston Thomas & Renata Martin

Monica Chen presents “The Uncomfortable Truth About Your Picture Perfect Holiday Meal.” Every year we enjoy picture perfect holiday meals, but we know Pilgrims and Indians didn’t sit down together and enjoy turkey.  A lot of American traditions have a dark history, so how did they become a part of our culture?  How does food and its production become normal?  And what are the repercussions of this new normal?

Jenn Frohlich presents “Physical Methods of Euthanasia,” for all those times when you wish you knew how to kill an animal (humanely) with your bare hands…

Krystal Thomas-White presents “How to talk to Grandma about her pee.” Everyone is sitting around the holiday dinner table, laughing and talking. Suddenly someone makes a particularly funny joke. Everyone busts up laughing. But before things settle down, you notice that grandma has quietly excused herself from the table. Or, if you are like my family, my aunt announces, “I laughed so hard that I peed a little!” Incontinence becomes very common in women as they age, but this embarrassing condition goes undiagnosed for most women. I going to teach you to talk about this taboo subject so that the women in your life might seek treatment.

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