SynSyn #50 [Patrick / Kate / Dan]

Videos SS #50 10/24/19

Facilitated by Annette Lin & Yaffa Meiners

Patrick Thomas: Math, Privacy, and the Technology of Oppression
A story about that time some numbers got made illegal, and what it has to do with the early days of the internet and the future of digital privacy.

Kate Smela: What’s spookier than being stuck on the side of the road?
Well, let Kate tell ya! This talk will go over a wide array of different Do’s & Don’ts if something is wrong on the road, or with your car. Because car problems can be spooky!

Dan Kalafus: Rest in Peace: The Science of Sleep
Dan talks about why we sleep: what sleep is, what it does for us, what happens to us when we don’t get enough of it – and how you can get more (and better) sleep.

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