SynSyn #47 [Carrielynn / Garret / Naomi]

Videos SS #47 7/31/19

Facilitated by Victoria Norman & Vivian White

Carrielynn Haedtler convinces us that “Yes, You Can Can” by walking through the steps to canning, demystifying this age-old, environmentally- and economically-sustainable method to food preservation.

Garret Kruger with “How Nuclear Power Could Help Solve Climate Change”
We need to find a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible. Nuclear Energy could play a pivotal role.

Naomi Sorbet on “Growing our Sexual Pleasure”
We treat sex very differently than we do other aspects of our lives, with profound impacts.  Naomi spent the last year researching sexual pleasure for an industry-academia partnership, and she shared some insights she gained along the way.

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