SynSyn #42 [Jane & Chris / Vivian / Carrielynn]

Videos SS #42: 2/27/19

Facilitated by Anna Hurst

Chris Phoenix & Jane Rieder: “Insights into Parenting”
In a joint presentation that they didn’t share with each other beforehand, co-parents Chris and Jane shared what they have learned about raising kind, curious, confident, and emotionally intelligent kids. “Mostly, it’s about turning our own relationship skills up to 11, and treating our kids like people, with respect – after all, they’ll be our housemates for the next two decades!”

Vivian White: “Searching for Life in All the Wrong Places”
Vivian told us about extremophiles, and shared some examples of Earth-based lifeforms that live in extreme environments and how learning about them informs our search for extraterrestrial life.

Carrielynn Haedtler: “1950s Travelogue from a 2019 Trip to India”
Carrielynn recently returned from more than a month of traveling around India, and shared with us her stories and photos from her return to that amazing country.

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