SynSyn #41 [Oshyan / Chris / Malika]

Videos SS #41: 1/30/19

Facilitated by Renata Martin

Oshyan Greene: “Body Horror: The Incredible Mind- and Body-Altering Powers of Parasites” 
From enforced sex change in crabs to sleeping sickness to a cicada whose butt falls off to become a “flying saltshaker of death,” welcome to the weird and wonderful (?) world of parasitic host manipulation. You can run, but you can’t hide from these incredibly unique evolutionary strategies!

Chris Sulots: “The Farallon Egg Wars”
Chris will recount some of what transpired in San Francisco in the 1850s when bold & entrepreneurial (some say foolish & greedy) men scaled the cliffs of the Farallon Islands to plunder the eggs of the Common Murre. This led to the inevitable – the wealth of a few, the decline of the murre population, and violent conflict. 

Malika Carter: “The History of Race”
Frederick Douglass once said that the moment we created slavery, we also created freedom. In an effort to justify Native American extermination and the Slave trade, Europeans created the concept of race out of thin air. They then set out to prove their theories by backfilling them with bad science. Today race drives elections, beliefs, and every other facet of our lives…but in truth, the concept really means nothing.

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