SynSyn #37 [Garret / Daniel / Rob]

Videos SS #37: 8/21/18


GARRET KRUGER on how to start a podcast. Garret co-hosts the I Know Dino podcast with his wife Sabrina, and he shared some insider tips and tricks to creating your own successful podcast, from the equipment you’ll need to the post-production and publicity work to get your podcast out there.



DR. DANIEL BORUP with “MRI: How a few magnets and a radio reveal the inner workings of the human body.” MRI—Magnetic Resonance Imaging—is a powerful tool for doctors and researchers alike, but how does it actually work? Daniel provided a rapid-fire overview of how a few large magnets, a high-quality radio, and a computer can provide a 3D map of your inner anatomy. He also answered some common questions such as: how is an MRI different from a CT scan? why is the machine so big? why is it so loud? and why do I have to sit perfectly still in a tiny, claustrophobic tube for such a long time?

ROB HEFFERNAN with “Psychedelic Renaissance.” Rob spoke at the Cultural and Political Perspectives on Psychedelic Science symposium about the legal aspects of Ayahuasca circles this summer, and shared with us some of his work in this important field.





…..and your hosts for the evening, Renata Martin & Jamie Bedford.

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