SynSyn #32 [Philip / Sarah / Bart]

Videos SS#32: 2/28/18

HOST: Jake Lacore & Sonia Wierzba


Philip Norman: You might just fall in love with a robot

Philip Norman will talk about our changing relationships with the computers on which we depend, current trends in robotics and AI, and how those two will intersect in the near future through one likely outcome of it becoming normal for humans to fall in love with robots.

Sarah S: Authenticity in Meisner Acting

Sarah Schecter will share about The Meisner technique for acting which is centered around an actor “getting out of their head” and being completely authentic onstage. But what does being authentic even mean?  Explore how Meisner is a technique for acting, but also a way to be genuine and approach life.

Bart Bernhardt: Hollow Earth and the Strange Birth of American Science

Bart Bernhardt will discuss how the crackpot proposal by John Cleves Symmes, Jr that the Earth was “hollow and habitable within” led to a chain of events that ended up leading to the establishment of Federal funding for basic science.

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