SynSyn #31 [Turner / Jenn / Emily]

Videos SS#31: 1/24/18

Roles, Holes & Poles

HOST: Renata Martin & Jamie Bedford


Jenn Frohlich will kick off the evening with a walk through the “House of Holes: Animal Edition,” and will share with us an overview of the different anatomical features of the urogenital and digestive orifices across the animal kingdom.

Zooming in on the human part of the animal kingdom, Emily Anderson‘s “Lyra & the Rise of Flirty Fun Fitness” will share some of the history and anatomical interest of the sexy circus subculture. 20 years ago, pole dancers and circus folks were the butt of many jokes. Now the joke’s on us and our butts are getting in pretty good shape, but what’s sparked this flirty fitness revolution, and should you get into it, too?

Then, while we’re on the topic of strengthening our cores, Turner Kirk will present “an argument for a more balanced, feminine-centric US society through analysis of the 2nd and 3rd chakras.” In his presentation, Turner will attempt to check his privilege at the door and present a completely factless framework for how we might start to re-shape the discussion of what became one of the most salient topics of 2017: the battle of the sexes. Through analyzing the ancient teachings and wisdom of the 2nd and 3rd chakras, the audience will be taken on a hero’s journey, leave the known world where the argument exists as a conflict of “Man vs. Woman,” enter the unknown world of Feminine and Masculine, and return with the elixir: the dualism of Feminine/Masculine complement.

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