SynSyn #4 [Chris / Galia / Kate]

Videos SS#4: 05/27/15

HOST: Renata Martin


Chris PhoenixDyslexia Correction

Galia AharoniBras: You’re Doing it Wrong

Kate ShawWeaving With Wires and Cables

This month’s Synapse Synopsis features software engineer Chris Phoenix, real-world artist Kate Shaw, and small business lawyer Galia Aharoni. Chris will bring us behind dyslexic eyes, sharing his own experiences and playing with how different brains interpret the written world. Galia brings us from brains to boobs, talking about why breast-bearing humans are all wearing bands too big and cups too small, and she’ll show us how to truly measure our breasts (or our partner’s breasts!). Then taking us from underwires to telephone wires, Kate will share her work recycling computer cables and old wires into intricate weavings, exploring constraints and possible applications of this underappreciated medium.

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