SynSyn #2 [Jeff / Galia / Sonia]

Videos: SS#2: 02/25/15

HOST: Anna Hurst


Jeff KnurekThrough-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

In just 45 days, Jeff Knurek will fly to Atlanta, Georgia, where he’ll begin walking north until he reaches Maine. He’ll tell us about the things he’s learned and how he’s prepared for his next 6 months hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Galia AharoniHeart vs. Mind: The Rationality of Relationships

In her talk “Heart vs. Mind: The Rationality of Relationships,” Galia Aharoni will share her experiences and philosophies on love and relationships, examine the sometimes-conflicting intersection between emotions and rationality, and discuss a few techniques she’s used to apply a pragmatic approach to highly emotional situations. (It may be intriguing to note that Jeff is Galia‘s boyfriend.)

Sonia WierzbaHow to be a Hippie Without the Shame

Finally, we’ll hear from Sonia Wierzba on embracing our inner tree-huggin’, free-lovin’, dirty hippies. Sonia will discuss misconceptions about hippies and suggestions on how to be one without the shame.

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